Choosing great wines that suit your taste!
By: Taylor Small
Thursday, May 14, 2020

When it comes to wine, it can be tough since each person has different tastes. Wine tends to be a very personal preference, as taste is very subjective. If you aren't familiar with wines or, like me, you can't seem to determine your wine preferences; then there is a simple set of typical flavors that can help you decide. This article should help you determine wines that you could enjoy based on the characteristics you love!

Sweet tooth for sugar? Well, that means your tongue or the "flavor pallet" of your tongue is a sweet pallet. Sweet pallets usually are to be sensitive and use sugar as a way to mask the bitterness. Try a dessert wine, maybe a Muscat or a Sweet Riesling.

Most would admit to finding coffee enjoyable, but if you enjoy expressos, then this one is for you. Espresso lovers also have a tolerant pallet, which tends to mean you will prefer wines that have big flavor in alcohol, body, and tannins. Here there are two options. If you prefer white wines, try a Californian Oaked Chardonnay, and if you enjoy a nice red, I'd recommend a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon.

This one is perfect for all of the late aficionados. Enjoying lattes means you could have a hypersensitive tatsebuds. A Hypersensitive tounge tend to shy away from intense wine flavor but also means you have a better ability to pick up complexities in wines that others have a hard time identifying. This means you may enjoy wines that most typically think of as dry but have a sweetness to them too. Go on and taste a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc!

Love a little sour? How do you feel about lemons? For all of those citrus lovers, this is for you. Individuals who enjoy lemons tend to have hypersensitive pallets. Actually, the acidity of lemons can decrease the bitterness levels that our tounges taste. Because of this, smooth wines that are fruity and low in alcohol, maybe your best drinking option. Between red and white, if you prefer white, then order a cup of Italian Verdicchio! For red wine lovers, definitely try a New World Merlot!

It is safe to say that most people enjoy chocolate. How many of you enjoy dark chocolate? Dark chocolate lovers have tolerant tounges, which means maybe a bottle of Malbec or Grenache (red or white) is just right for you.

Calling all Crème brûlée lovers! If you are an adventurous taster who loves combining different flavors as long as they are well balanced, then let's try a Pinot Blanc from Elsass or an Aged Rioja.

Do you like chili? If you like spicy chili, then you actually have a hypersensitive pallet. This means you like fruity wines that are smooth and low in alcohol. Rhône White Blends or a Gewürztraminer from Germany or Elsass.

No matter where your adventures take you, make sure to bring back memories and some wine! We hope you found this article helpful because we just had a lot of fun making it!