Horse passion
By: Luis Enrique Lara
Monday, April 20, 2020

Horses are animals that throughout history have marveled humans and have supported us in the construction of what we all know today as society, and even though this great  animal might have been got extinct after its work use, humans started to work on horses as a leisure activity, this animal represents freedom, pleasure and even health with sport activities like Polo and Horse Back Riding and therapy with them for people with psychological problems.


In the town of Cadereyta in Queretaro, you can find a special boutique hotels in which by the hand of their owners, you can learn about a very special passion for horses.

This property has a 42 hectares terrain that keep several species of plants and animals protected, as the natural scenery of the desert.


One impressive experience is to watch the horses run down the hill towards the lake, many emotions will be touched, and happiness will overwhelm you, it is a truly magical activity. The activities with horses go on and on, as you can feed, pet, bath and even sleep with, you read write, SLEEP WITH THEM!

At the “hosteria” you will sleep in a cabin shared with your travel companions and rest above the horse stable, this is a magical experience full of comfort in which horses will be the protectors of your sleep. It is known that the slower heart rate of the horses has a calm effect on people, helping humans to relax and in this case sleep better. There are also popular sayings that consider horses guards of the night, because in horse herds, their is always an awake horse keeping sprits away from them.


We invite you to try this magical experience, we are sure that with your Club LaTour membership and the support of Hacienda Tovares’s staff you will be happy and collect memories for a lifetime.