Kaslem Spa Queretaro
By: Luis Enrique Lara
Monday, April 20, 2020

Dos Patios Hotel is celebrating!


On December the 14th it will be inaugurated at Hotel Dos Patios “Kaslem”, a space that will be the perfect complement for your staying.

This new spa completes the holistic services offered by the hotel in Queretaro that I am sure you will really enjoy. You can have the best therapy ideal for your needs. Let me share with you five options that you can choose from the menu.

  1. Relaxing Massage


A massage to help pamper your back and your senses, with a soft, calmed and constant movement from the hands of the masseuse throughout your body, your muscles will relax transmitting a complete wellbeing and happiness sensation.


  1. Hot Stone Massage

Masaje de piedras calientes


Using obsidian stones at a specific temperature that keep their temperature, boosts the energy flow to specific points in the body, you will feel relaxed and invigorated. At the end of the massage your body, mind and spirit will be grateful for the therapy.


  1. Tibetan bowls

 cuencos tibetanos

Using this instrument native to the Himalaya, harmonic tones inherited from ancestral frequencies will help you to heal your body, mind and soul. It is without a doubt a very special spiritual experience and very relaxing also that will help you move on in a wellbeing state.


  1. Detox ancient bath

Baño de sales 

In a tub, a mix of ancient salts and minerals are purred and combined with water will clean your skin in the deepest layers. You can also take one of the special therapies like Wine therapy, Chocolate therapy and also herbal therapies like rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus and some others. With these therapies your skin will feel renewed and radiant that will translate in wellbeing and happiness for you.


  1. Anti-age facial


Starting from a hydrating process, DNA in the cells gets protected preventing premature aging and giving firming properties through hydrolyzed black pearl  dust and nacar that will make you feel moist and radiant.

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