Magic Bernal
By: Luis Enrique Lara
Monday, April 20, 2020




Bernal is a “magic town” located at Queretaro, and it is part of what is considered the art, cheese and wine route in Mexico. Thanks to its privileged geographic location, this town is magic considering only the famous Peña de Bernal, an enormous monolith full of energy. In this article we will recommend you places to eat, stay and what to see.



La Peña


Peña de Bernal

The third tallest monolith in the world, it is known that this rock hill transmits special energy that you can feel since arriving to the town, you will experience a feel of relaxation and wellbeing. If you plan to go up, it is important to wear comfortable shoes with good grip, as climbing up will make you face some slippery surfaces. It is not an activity that anyone can do, but it is fun and different and it is worth a try.

Artisan Market


It is small, but it is worth a look, here you can find different articles created by local artisans. Art for decorating your house, sculptures, artisan toys, and more! I am sure that you can find something to suit your liking and support local families.

Cheese Bread 

Pan de Queso

You have to try it! There are several bakeries in the town that sell the traditional cheese bread of the region, there is also nut bread, and cream bread filled with your favorite topping.



Imagen tomada de Trip Advisor

One of the best restaurants located at Porfirio Diaz #1 at Bernal’s main square. Here you can find a privileged view combined with a varied menu with a great taste, you can breakfast, lunch and diner so it doesn’t matter the time, you will be able to enjoy.

Gorditas El Sabor del Maíz


At meson street, you can find a place that serves delicious gorditas, this are traditional Bernal meal. It is very recommendable that you visit them if you have a limited budget. They are cheap and have a great taste. Take your time and be patient, the flavor will be worth it.


Casa Mateo Hotel Boutique


Habitación Casa Mateo

This hotel located at town’s center, is a great place you can choose to stay. Its privacy, comfortable rooms and privileged view to the Peña are features to consider if you choose to stay the night in Bernal. Try its restaurant, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Rancho San Jorge Hotel Boutique


Pasillo principal

A boutique hotel with a horse theme, each room is decorated differently, with the elegant touch of its owner. Comfort is the best element that defines this hotel that with its Spa are waiting for you to stay and pamper yourself.


Even if now it is time to stay at home, Bernal is waiting for you to live your next big adventure. 


Until next town!